With over 10 years experience specialising in wedding photography I can truly say that I know and love my job very much!  Colourful, bright and classic is my favourite style.

If you would like to chat through any of your own wedding ideas or would like to see some more examples of my photography please do get in touch

So a little about me… I live in a small town in Kent with my fiancé Simon, beautiful daughter Viola and gorgeous cat Tilly(!).  I enjoy spending time in the garden whenever I can or visiting the beach and travelling to new places.   My walls at home are covered with pictures of bright blue seas and pretty gardens.

I feel so very lucky to photograph weddings because it is all of my favourite things combined!  I love getting to know families more and I completely put my heart into documenting the special relationships you have with your family and friends.  I am always to be found with a tear in my eye at the poignant moments in the speeches or giggling away with your guests at the jokes.

The connections and people make every wedding day so very special.  I also love capturing all of the amazing details and creative touches that brides bring to their wedding days, I am constantly in awe of how every wedding is so very different.  I am also a great fan of capturing those special, relaxed moments between a bride and groom on this momentous day as well as taking some time to capture special portraits.


light & imagination

The big picture and the small details… capturing your beautiful memories just as you imagined them