To describe myself as ‘relieved’, ‘excited’, ‘pleased’, really doesn’t do justice to the absolute feeling of ELATION(!) I have right now after setting up this new blog site. I am afraid I am a real ‘technophobe’ type and my last attempt at all things wordpress about 5 years ago had ended in such frustration I had found myself putting off this new project for about three months! But to my absolute amazement it has in fact, even been ‘enjoyable’ (I know, I can hardly believe these words being typed either!).  There is still a lot to do in terms of sprucing up the site and moving all of my old blog posts over but hopefully it will be easier to use and to find things you are interested in whether it is Spring weddings with daffodils or cosy Christmas weddings in candlelight.  For anyone who is looking to set up their own new website or blog, this layout design was through Elegant Themes.